Mirror Bunny 3D mask - animal style

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Mirror Bunny 3D mask - animal style

➨ Overview:
We are glad to present you a mirror mask for Bunny. A new solution from our designer.The mask is able to give a lot of interesting emotions to you and people around you.The unique image will fit perfectly into any theme of the event.The convenient and light mask will allow you to easily move and even dance.The hare mask, this is our first step to the series mirror masks of animals.We are already developing, mask a cat, a wolf, and even an eagle!

➨ What you get:
● For business clients
The Bunny mask is a good investment, as buying one mask, you get a lot of images. Changing costumes, you change the image. The mask is completely universal, it is suitable for any artist. We have experience working with business clients and we easily adapt to any terms.

● For personal use
The mask is able to give you a wide range of different emotions. Wearing a Bunny mask, you seem to fall into a fairy tale. You are in the spotlight, everyone is looking at you. But since you are inside, we can feel confident. Wear a mask for various holidays, festivals and surprise your friends in an interesting way

➨ Why you need exactly these mirror Bunny mask:
✔ New image
Interesting images always attract people's attention. Having put on a mask, you will be in the spotlight. Closed mask will allow you to feel confident in this situation

✔Image mixing
Combine the Bunny mask with different clothes and get new unique images. Just imagine this mask in combination with a business suit or a medical suit. Quite different sensations, right?)

✔ One mask for all
Dancers, animators, living statues, or people living full of life, this mask is for you. Thanks to a large number of combined images, you can change the subject of events. The mask of the bunny will look good both on a children's holiday and on a dance show.

✔ Light effects
The mask is capable of reflecting incoming light without distortion. Using this effect and the stage equipment, you can create a stunning light show!

✔ Easy to use
We made the front mirrors transparent, so the person inside can move easily and even dance. It's easy to use, just put it on your head to use it!

✔ Durable Mirror
Despite the size, the Bunny mask is light. It is made of an acrylic mirror that does not break even when falling. And in case the mirror is scratched, we can send you a replacement mirror!

✔ Usable in any weather
The acrylic mirror underlying the mask is very high quality. You can use the mask in any weather conditions, it's not afraid of water and sand!

✔ Long use
The mask requires minimal care, which does not take a lot of ume. A durable and easily replaceable material will serve you long.

➨ Save your money!!!
Pay 5% more - if you want to use PayPal
Pay basic price - by credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

➨ Standard delivery set:
1. Mirror bunny mask
2. Repair Kit
3. Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading - if you pay by bank)

➨ Timings and shipping:
If we have mirror suit on the stock, normally, the processing of your order takes 1­-3 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
• Air registered mail (5­-30 days / FREE)
• Express Mail Service (5­-14 days / 25­-55 EUR)
• First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 51-­156 EUR)

➨ Important:
Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.