Gold dancing club glitter mirror shoes wear / exotic sparkly sequin costume suit, club gold mirror clothing - by ETERESHOP

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Gold dancing club glitter mirror shoes wear / exotic sparkly sequin costume suit, club gold mirror clothing - by ETERESHOP

Mirror fashion overshoes are what you need to attract attention. They will help create a fascinating image around you or supplement it. Glass shoes are made of a durable acrylic mirror that does not break even if you stumble against a stone. Thanks to this, our mirrored overshoes can be used in different conditions. They are very convenient because they can be worn on any shoes. Also, the broken glass shoes look great in the pictures.

➨ What you get:
● For personal use:
Mirror foot wear is perfect for any of your shoes. Even if your old shoes are worn out, thanks to the disco ball overshoes you can easily revive them and look impressive. They are good for parties, events, fashion performance. In them, you can easily even dance. Silver glass overshoes will serve you for a long time because in case of breakage they can easily be repaired using our repair kit.

● For business:
The mirrored overshoes are perfectly stretched they can be put on shoes of various sizes from 9 till 10 inches. It's easy to let you change the artists who will wear them. They are easy to care for, which allows you to use them again and again. The overshoes are compact and easily transportable. Mirror shoes look great on the stage and create stunning visual effects due to the light reflected by the mirror.

➨ Why you need exactly these overshoes:
✔ High-quality acrylic mirror from Italy
These mirrors on overshoes reflect light very well. You can achieve a stunning lighting effect with the help of stage lighting equipment, laser projectors or even sunlight.

✔ Good in any weather
If outside there is a bad weather – rainy, windy, frosty or even snowing – you don't need to worry about this. Mirror overshoes feel good in any conditions, because they won't stick off and it's really hard to break those mirrors, also you can even wash them in a washing machine.

✔ Excellent investment
Mirror glitter shoes look very impressive. These mirror outfits don’t require maintenance and can wear it for a long time. All this time, they will bring you money.

✔ Universality
Overshoes can be worn on shoes of different sizes and model types. This means that they can be worn by different people!

✔ Wide opportunities to use
These disco ball clothing are suitable for any events. Mirror shoes can work day and night. Mirror glitter clothes are excellent for a photo session.

✔ New images and maximum comfort
If you already have favorite and comfortable shoes that are still good, but look not so bright, outworn or old fashion, so you can transform its appearance using our overshoes. Increase the visual component and save comfort!

✔ Easy to use and repair
Mirror overshoes completely hug your shoes, it is very comfortable to move. Mirror glitter footwear very easy to repair, and everything you need can be found in Repair Kit.

➨ Standard delivery set:
1. Mirror overshoes
2. Repair Kit
3. Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading - if you pay by bank)

➨ Timings and shipping:
Normally, the processing of your order takes 3­-5 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:

• Air registered mail (5­-30 days / FREE)
• Express Mail Service (5­-14 days / 25­-50 EUR)
• First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 125-­205 EUR)

➨ Important:
Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.