Disco ball glitter sparkly mirror bodysuit "Circle" costume transformer for sale - from ETERESHOP

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Disco ball glitter sparkly mirror bodysuit "Circle" costume transformer for sale - from ETERESHOP

➨ Overview:
We offer you mirror glitter bodysuit of high quality made of the real mirror from Italy. With this mirror sparkly bodysuit, you can create an amazing unique show - at a reasonable cost. Mirror glitter clothes reflect the laser beams and light beams without distortion. It is an excellent solution for many performances at any time. Mirror bodysuit - safe, easy to use and repair. Also, mirror glitter clothes are unisex and suitable for different body sizes.

➨ What you get:
● Event companies and Dance teams
You get an easy and unique solution for many events, without large investments of time and money.Mirror sparkly bodysuits are flexible and suitable for the guys or girls of different body sizes. Mirror silver sparkly bodysuit is ideal for the main stages - they are unique and hadn't been seen before. Real mirrors allow you to create an unforgettable light show with the help of stage equipment. Mirror silver glitter bodysuit suitable for any kind of dance, mirror animation or photo session, equally impressive at daytime or night. Also, you get the ability to rapidly expand the number of the mirror suits for very large events.

● Solo and group performers
High-quality Mirror glass suits are very rare on the stage. With this, you get a significant advantage over competitors. Disco ball suits are simple in use and easy to dress up, you can even swim in it, and wash in a washing machine. Mirrors on the mirror suit well reflect light, sunlight or light from the laser reflected without distortion. Mirror suit can operate day or night. Disco ball outfits are ideal for dance, animation or photography. In case of breakage - repair takes only a few minutes, and there are parts in the repair kit.

➨ Why you need exactly these costume:
✔ High-quality acrylic mirror from Italy
These mirrors reflect light very well. You can use in your performance stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight.

✔ Safety for you and your audience
We use an acrylic mirror and cut it with a laser. We make sharp edges - round, so you can't cut yourself with this mirror.

✔ New exclusive show for your audience
Disco ball bodysuit from this mirror is very rare. With these disco ball outfit, you will be able to create a unique performance, gain an advantage over the competition and win new markets.

✔ Excellent investment
Mirror glitter outfits look very impressive. These mirror outfits don’t require maintenance and can work for a long time. All this time, they will bring you money.

✔ Wide opportunities to use
These disco ball clothing are suitable for any events. Mirror wear can work day and night, as you can swim in the mirror costume and run in the rain. Mirror glitter clothes are excellent for photo session.

✔ Unisex and suitable for different body sizes
If your team is changing the actor - it's not a problem. Disco ball suit easily stretches to fit different body sizes and is suitable for boys and girls.

✔ Easy to use and repair
Mirror wear completely hugs the body, it is very comfortable to move. It weighs only 7 lbs (3 kg). Mirror glitter bodysuit very easy to repair, and everything you need can be found in Repair Kit.

➨ Save your money!!!
Save 10% per suit ­ when you order more than 10 pcs
Save 10% per suit ­ with delayed shipping (40 days)
Save 4% per suit ­ if you pay by bank transfer
Pay 15% more ­ if you want to use PayPal

➨ Standard delivery set:
1. Disco ball suit
2. Repair Kit
3. Documents (sale agreement, invoice, bill of lading - if you pay by bank)

➨ Timings and shipping:
Normally, the processing of your order takes 3­-5 days, if you have urgent order ­ please write your manager. We also have the following shipping options:
• Air registered mail (5­-30 days / FREE)
• Express Mail Service (5­-14 days / 11-96 EUR)
• First class express shipping (3-­5 days / 86-­231 EUR)

➨ Important:
Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager.
Please be careful with choice of your body size - price depends on your weight