Payment Methods

Products are on stock or are created for order. Please contact with us to clarify the time of production.
The processing time of the order normally takes 3-5 days after payment, it depends on availability of stock (you should contact with a manager) and workload of production. 
Processing time include the inspection of the product for the conformity of quality, crush test, supplementation according to the list of the standard delivery set of the corresponding product, packaging and transfer of the product to the courier for shipping. 
If the product is made to order, then it will be shipped immediately after 1-3 days of control testing. Time of production may differ, on average, it may be 3-40 days, depending on the availability of all components in the warehouse, the complexity of the product, the selected shipping option (delayed shipment), workload of production. 

If you have an urgent order - please kindly contact with us! 

Please, before placing your order, specify all your questions at the manager. 

Delivery is carried out in many different ways. Approximately shipment takes 3 to 35 business days to reach destination countries.
The most economical and fast shipping service is EMS, in which case delivery may take up to 14 days, but in practice no more than a week. If it’s necessary, we can send purchase expedited service DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT. In this case the shipping costs 3-5 times more expensive, but can be reached in 3-7 days.  
Cost of delivery depends on the weight of the parcel and delivery address and will be added to the cost of the product. 
Delivery times are estimates and commence from the date of shipping, please noted that it could take longer than expected due to invalid address, customs clearance procedures or other issues. 
If you haven’t received your package based on the above estimates. Please kindly contact with us. 

We have the option of delivery courier-technician for large orders, after the delivery the technician can instruct the customer on all technical issues and participate in the first show - as a technical staff. Customer pays shipping and residential expanses of the technician as well as ensure its housing. Details are included in the delivery of an additional agreement to the main contract. 


Returns and Exchanges
Procedure for warranty service:
In the case of a fault-finding you need to contact the manager who led your order. You must give him full information on the detection of faults, possible causes, and provided use of the product at the time of the fault. You must provide photo and video materials confirming the fault.
After receiving all the information manager will contact you and offer options for resolving the issue. This may be an indication for repair if the case does not fall under the service. If the case falls under the service, the manager will provide you with information about the nearest service center, which will help you solve your problem. If breakage is significant, the manager can offer you send the product to us for repair.
In all cases, the buyer is liable for transportation and repair of the product until the expert's conclusion about the cause of the fault. If the problem is covered by warranty, the seller fully offsets the cost of repairs, including the cost of delivering the product to the seller and sending items back to the buyer. During a repair vendor can provide the buyer with a replacement product, transportation costs for the replacement product assumes the buyer. The buyer, in turn, guarantees the safety of the replacement product.
Additional Rules and FAQ

Working time
We work from 1 AM till 6 PM (New York time)
And we would love to help you with all you questions :)

Quality Assurance
Our products are made by professionals and meets all quality requirements. We use high-quality components and proven process technologies. That is why we give a guarantee of workmanship. After producing each product undergoes quality control - which reduces production errors to zero. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for transport companies and can not guarantee the functionality of the product after delivery. In this case, we have a program of maintenance and replacement . Additionally, in some products use sophisticated accessories that can come into disrepair over time, in such cases we deliver a repair kit to each product.
All our products have a guarantee of build quality. This guarantee allows you to replace or to get a repair cost compensation when it detects failures associated with the original assembly or the original integrity of components used.

Types of faults that fall under warranty:
- short circuit associated with failure during the manufacturing of LED
- short circuit associated with the quality of the soldering
- damage associated with transportation - including mechanical damage (breakage data fall under the warranty during the first three days after receipt of the unit) , to confirm the damage you must provide us the video unpacking the product and its initial switching on.

The warranty does not fall under the following types of faults:
- mechanical, electrical and thermal damage to the wires , diodes , soldering , insulation and foundation for the shawl.
- damage caused by improper use of products.