31st Aug 2017

The idea to fully cover a person with a mirror came to us a long time ago. By fully covering the person with a mirror we wanted to create, a new, cosmic image. When you put this costume on yourself you will have a feeling that you more than just a human. The new image creates around you an amazing atmosphere, which attracted people and cameras. How varied is space, so are our images. We achieved this through a variety of mirror shapes.

     Mirror in the form of a circle can summon a ripple effect. The variability of the size of mirrors creates additional effects. In circles of large size, something hypnotic is hidden, and in the tiny ones, natural elements are hidden


     The shape of the mirror from the squares creates a technogenic and in some ways a rigid image. In its totality, a suit completely covered with mirrors from squares will turn you into a guest from the future.

     We have a long discussion over the name of this form of mirrors. Someone argued that these are diamonds, some are fangs. But the final version - petals. You see how in their totality seem like they cover the costume with flowers, turning you into a mysterious forest spirit.

     Hexahedrons are one of the first forms of our mirrors. We liked it because they create a universal mirror image.  Fantastic costume fits are perfect for any environment and easily attracts everyone's attention.

     In the pattern, the properties of the element become much stronger. Everything affects each other. And this applies to everything!