6th Sep 2017

At the beginning of 2015, we were contacted by an already familiar customer. We well remembered his previous order - mirror man, which he was completely satisfied with. And this time he came to us with the desire to make a pair for the costume mentioned earlier. He ordered a mirror dress from us. Our firm was interested in this order because earlier we didn't make women's costumes.

      We have long discussed the style of the costume through all possible means of communication. We offered various options, photographed and sent for approval. As a result, they agreed on a simple dress without complications. The main wishes of the client were a magnificent skirt and an elegant hat.

      If the hat did not cause difficulties, then a magnificent skirt made everyone think. Invented a variety of ways to make a skirt lush with a large weight of mirrors. We decided to use a petticoat. Tried different options, but none of the available couldn't withstand the load. As a result, it was decided to order a sturdy frame in the wedding studio. The skirt came out surprisingly large. To give stability, a dense fabric was used.

      The corset dresses were made easier by inserts made of lightweight stretch material. The total weight of the suit went 17 kilograms, but, despite the impressive figure, the dress was comfortable. The corset did not constrain movement and allowed the skin to breathe. For ease of use and transportation, the skirt is made detachable. In an unfastened condition, the skirt easily folded into a roll and was packed in a suitcase.

      Another fascinating task was the hair, without which the female costume would look unfinished. After reflection, we came to a decision to use a silver decorative material, which would not be knocked out of the general view. 

      It took three weeks to complete the production, which was perfectly in line with the deadlines. In two separate packages, the top and bottom of the dresses were delivered to the client in Abu Dhabi personally by the company's director. Dress in a pair with a suit looked great at a closed party tripled by the customer. But in the same place, the first problems appeared: the mirror began to fly off. The man went to the customer, he quickly eliminated the problem and re-glued the mirrors. Let's look at the dress in action!